Definite solutions to tourism indebtedness to be identified soon

April 25, 2021

(TAP) - A meeting will soon bring together all tourism stakeholders and the banking and financial institutions to identify definite solutions to structural indebtedness faced by tourism facilities.

This was decided at a working session held Friday in Tunis.

It was chaired by Tourism Minister Habib Ammar and attended by STB Director-General Mohamed Chouikha as well as presidents and representatives of relevant professional federations.

The meeting focused on finding ways to reduce tourism facilities' indebtedness to Tunisian banks, namely STB.

Participants discussed challenges facing the tourism sector since 2011, more particularly during the coronavirus pandemic which led to the suspension of the tourism activity and deepened the sector's debts.

They also reviewed the government decision on granting loans to tourism institutions as part of the measures approved by the small cabinet meeting held last November 6.


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