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MPs look at parliament's budget bill

November 30, 2020

(TAP)- The budget bill of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) was brought to the floor as MPs started Sunday the review of the draft State budget for 2021.

Parliement expenditure was set at 42, 839 thousand dinars against 43,903 thousand dinars in 2020, i.e, a decrease by 1,064 thousand dinars, the report of the Committee on Finance, Planning and Development showed.

Salary expenditures (commitments and payments) for 2021 stood at 33,558 thousand dinars against 33,334 thousand dinars in the finance law for 2020, reporting a 224 thousand dinar drop.

Management expenditures (commitments and payments) were estimated at 5,320 thousand dinars against 4,994 thousand dinars in the 2020 finance law, up 326,000 dinars.

The budget bill put expenditure on interventions at nearly 2,031 thousand dinars against 1,525 thousand dinars in 2020, up 506,000 dinars. These interventions cover the social field (995,000 dinars) and the areas of culture, youth and childcare (22,000 dinars) in addition to contributions to international organisations (1,014 thousand dinars).

The parliament's investment expenditures amount to 1,930 thousand dinars in payment against 4,050 thousand dinars in 2020, that is down 2,120 thouand dinars. These amounts will serve to attain a set of objectives and carry out studies and projects.

Rapporteur of the Committee on Finance, Planning and development Heykel Mekki said, at the opening of the plenary, emphasis was put on the parliament's administrative and financial independence by providing it with necessary resources as part of the State budget.

finance & economy

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