TEX-MED ALLIANCES launches Fashion Restart Framework initiative to reboot Mediterranean textile-clothing sector

October 18, 2020

(TAP)- The Project TEX-MED ALLIANCES is launching Fashion Restart Framework initiative to help Mediterranean micro, small and medium enterprises (including start-ups) and other support organisations of the Textile and Clothing sector to recover after the Covid-19 emergency.

Fashion Restart targets designers, clothing manufacturers and local retailers interested in taking advantage of creating new fashion hubs and test new business models in cooperation with other Mediterranean companies and with the coordination of TEX-MED ALLIANCES senior experts.

The idea is to launch collections designed by having in mind the climate, the colours and the culture of the Mediterranean.

Fashion Restart encompasses four Specific initiatives; first the Local Regional Brands, to create alliances between small producers and small retailers, where local designers/product developers will play a catalyst role.

Second, the Fashion Hubs Network, to provide fashion trends forecasting tools and develop specific training courses and presentations.

Third, the Technical Textiles for Mediterranean, to promote the use of technical textile to create comfortable summer wear garments.

Fourth, the New Memo, to drive the successful business models into a new shared brand characterized by top design, high comfort, natural/recycled materials and sustainable processes.

TEX-MED ALLIANCES, the Textile Mediterranean Alliances for Business Development, Internationalization and Innovation, is funded by the European Union as part of the ENI CBCMED programme,targets the textile and clothing sector in 7 Mediterranean countries, namely Tunisia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine, and aims to promote the development of textile and clothing activities through cross-border cooperation in 3 areas: Internationalisation, innovation and circular economy.

Starting from October 2020 Interested companies can express their interest in taking part to this initiative and can apply until 7th December 2020 to get financial support up to Euro 10,000 the project's contribution to selected costs. After the selection of participants and a first provision of funds, the Initiative will be implemented from January 2021 to June 2022. The final outcomes will be new opportunities and Mediterranean alliances for SMEs for fashion restart.


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