ALERT association calls for confronting banking lobbies

March 13, 2023

TAP) - President of the 'ALERT' association for the fight against the cash economy, Louay Chebbi, said Saturday in Tunis that 'the laws in Tunisia do not protect the general interest. They rather serve powerful and influential economic cartels within the state.

He described, during a press conference organised by his association, as part of its campaign against the banking cartel in Tunisia, as 'destructive', these laws which defend, according to him, the interests of certain groups to the detriment of those of society.

Chebbi stressed the need for citizens to unite in order to put pressure on the banking system which is making huge profits without benefiting the national economy, adding that during the 2011-2021 period, the state is indebted to banks at excessive rates.

He explained that his association works to contribute to the emergence of an economic public opinion that is aware and capable of revealing the excesses committed by the various economic cartels.

For his part, Coordinator of ALERT, Houssem Saad, considered that 'the cash economy is behind the hegemony of Tunisian banks, banks being part of economic networks that monopolise entire sectors of the economy'.

He considered it necessary to make this campaign a success, which aims to reveal the whole truth about the excesses committed by the banking lobbies that enrich themselves without contributing to economic growth.

ALERT is an association fighting against the cash economy. Its objective is to denounce the abuses of the Tunisian rentier system, through the emergence of collective awareness and coordination with state institutions.


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