Phoenix Mecano Elcom wins Tunisian Kaizen prize

March 3, 2023

TAP) - Tunisian company specialising in the manufacture and assembly of electromechanical components, 'Phoenix Mecano Elcom' has won the Tunisian Kaizen exceptional prize, category 'Large Enterprises.'

The prize ceremony, which took place in Tunis on Wednesday, was organised by the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Energy and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The Kaizen prize aims to recognise Tunisian companies in the industrial or industry-related services sector that have demonstrated exemplary implementation of the 'Kaizen' approach. This approach advocates for a culture of continuous learning, integration, and innovation.

Phoenix Mecano Elcom has previously been honoured with the African Kaizen prize in Yaoundé, Cameroon, in October of last year.

Other notable recipients of the Tunisian Kaizen exceptional prize in the 'Large Enterprises' category include the international manufacturing company Asteelflash and the Arab Company of Pharmaceutical Industries (SAIPH).

Additionally, the Small and Medium Enterprises category recognised the plastic packaging company Azur Pack with an award.

At the ceremony, Minister of Industry Neila Gongi emphasised the potential for improvement in Tunisia through the dissemination of Kaizen.

Resident Representative of the JICA office in Tunisia UENO Shuhei highlighted that the second edition of the Tunisian Kaizen Awards, which took place after the completion of the 'Quality and Productivity Improvement Project' in December 2021, 'attests to the continuity of the dynamics of disseminating the Kaizen concept in Tunisia.'

According to JICA, the Kaizen concept provides a methodical approach to improvement that leads to cost reduction, enhanced quality and productivity, and shorter delivery times.

It is worth noting that Tunisia was the first African country where JICA introduced the Kaizen approach in 2006.


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