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Tunisia Franchise Show, March 3-4

February 28, 2023

TAP)-Over 40 exhibitors representing several franchising sub-sectors such as education, automotive, business services, catering, aesthetics, textile and clothing and finance are expected at the first edition of the Tunisia Franchise Show due March 3-4, according to the organisers.

A Libyan delegation is also expected at this show, organised by the franchising expertise firm 'Wefranchiz' in partnership with the Exports Promotion Centre (CEPEX) in Gammarth (Tunis northern suburb).

'Tunisia counts today between 200 and 250 franchising networks whose more than two thirds are Tunisian in origin. The development of franchising has seen a growth in the last five years,' said Founder of WeFranchiz and international expert in the development of franchising networks Rym Bedoui Ayari at a press briefing on Monday at the CEPEX seat.

The development of franchises in export has also brought a solution to several sectors such as catering, furniture or even education lately, she explained, affirming that a recent study of her firm has revealed that 68.8% of the respondents in Tunisia would be interested in becoming a franchisee.

'Franchising today offers a huge potential for national companies wishing to export their concepts and expand their horizons. It is also a vector of job creation in the regions,' Rym Bedoui Ayari added.

An exclusive presentation of the franchising barometer, which will provide an analysis of the franchising sector's development in Tunisia between 2016 and 2022 and its potential for future growth, will be given on the first day of the show to provide participants with an idea of the sector's trends and investment opportunities, she indicated.

The first day of the exhibition will also host the export mornings organised by CEPEX on the theme 'How to succeed in your international franchise project,' with the goal of helping Tunisian companies expand their franchise export tools on international markets. Several stories from international brands including Burger King Nigeria and Nike Africa are scheduled to be shared.

The second day will be dedicated to the Franchise Shark Tank event, which will be supported by Smart Capital and Start-up Village to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their franchise projects to a panel of investors who will offer funding to the most promising projects.

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