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Energy efficiency tightly linked to Tunisia’s energy security (minister)

February 8, 2023

(TAP) - 'Energy efficiency is no longer an option, 'Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy Neila Gongi Tuesday told a press conference at the ministry's headquarters.

It is now an imperative tightly linked to Tunisia's energy security amid the situation of public finances, rapid geopolitical changes, rising energy prices and irregular international supply.

The conference shed light on major amendments to the decree on the Energy Transition Fund. Decree No. 2023-86 of February 2, 2023, amending government decree No. 2017-983 of July 26, 2017, which sets rules governing the organisation and operation of the fund was published Monday in the official gazette of the Tunisian Republic.

Under this decree, the premium granted by the Energy Transition Fund, under the National Agency for Energy Management (French: ANME)- run PROSOL project- for the purchase of solar water heaters goes from 200 dinars to 400 dinars for solar water heaters with a capacity of less than 300 liters and a solar collector.area between 1m² and 3m².

This premium stands between 400 dinars and 700 dinars for solar water heaters with a capacity of 300 litres and above and whose solar collector area exceeds 3m² and is equal or less than 7m².

'We are running out of time and must take action. Both households and businesses need to be aware of the need to become fully involved in this process. of energy efficiency and progress towards the use of renewable energy,' the minister said.

Neila Gongi said her department focused in 2022 on obstacles hindering the development of renewables in Tunisia. Decree No. 2022-68 of October 19, 2022, which sets out special provisions for improved efficiency of public and private projects, helped address two major problems impeding investment in renewable energy.

Gongi said the ministry is endeavouring to put in place the energy regulator; the latter is tasked with organising relations between public and private operators. The agency will be operational in early 2024.

A task force is working on a renewable energy code which will bring necessary changes to adapt the current legislation to international technological developments.

Developing electric mobility is also one of the ministry's target projects. This project, the minister said, 'fits within the action plan for energy transition and we are working with all ministries and national and international investors on actions to be taken to develop this niche.'

There are many ideas, the minister said, but the top priority now is to develop electric public transport.


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