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Tunisia Export Team formed to promote Tunisian products abroad

January 23, 2023

(TAP) – The Trade and Export Development Ministry, Friday, announced the formation of the Tunisia Export Team, whose charter will be signed in the coming days.

The department will also announce the team's promotion programme to Libya and sub-Saharan Africa, reads a ministry press release.

Tunisia Export Team, which was the focus of a working session held on Friday under chairmanship of Trade Minister Kalthoum Ben Rejeb, is aimed at pooling efforts and avoiding duplication of interventions in the organisation of operations to promote Tunisian products on foreign markets and during close or simultaneous dates.

Ben Rejeb underlined the role of the export sector in rebooting the national economy, especially since this field is the main engine of growth and development, in addition to its contribution to the alleviation of the trade balance deficit.

Besides, she pointed out that the Tunisia Export Team must include representatives of all the structures involved in the export operation and based on field coordination to boost Tunisian exports, through the expansion of the exporting companies' network and the diversification of products and foreign markets, notably, the African market.

The participants raised the need to monitor the exporters interested in the promotional events and operations of the Tunisian products and services abroad, calling for the activation of all the relevant bodies and structures, such as the National Export Council and the National Foreign Trade Council.

The participants also reviewed the promotional programme of the Export Promotion Centre (CEPEX) towards Libya and sub-Saharan Africa 2023, to explore new export opportunities and make the most of all untapped opportunities for Tunisian products that abound in export potential on foreign markets.

finance & economy

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