Gabes : Towards strengthening partnership between University Hospitals of Gabes and Marseille

January 3, 2023

TAP) - The 'Hédi Bouchamaoui' Foundation will work in 2023 to consolidate the partnership between the University Hospital of Gabes and the University Hospital of Marseilles, President of the charitable institution, Ezzeddine Ounaies, told TAP on Monday.

The cooperation between the two hospitals will be extended, through a broader partnership, to the various medical units of the two hospitals, said the same source, noting that a delegation from the University Hospital of Gabes will visit the University Hospital of Marseille at the end of January.

The same source stressed that the visit by a delegation from the University Hospital of Marseilles to the hospital in Gabes in November 2022 was successful, recalling that it was agreed on this occasion to develop training programmes and retraining for the benefit of the medical and paramedical staff throughout the duration of this partnership and deepen the reflection on cooperation in environmental health in view of the similarities between Gabes and Marseilles, two cities plagued by the deterioration of the natural environment.

It was also agreed to establish a health register in a number of medical specialties such as birth defects, malignant diseases and respiratory diseases, and to train specialists in the field of health mediation to facilitate interaction between the general public and professionals, hospital institutions and social structures, according to the same source.


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