President Saied inaugurates new centre for emergency medicine and surgery in Jendouba

December 27, 2022

TAP) - President Kais Saied inaugurated on Monday the centre for emergency medicine and surgery at the local hospital of Jendouba, built with Emirati funding worth over 20 MD.

The new centre, which covers 6,000 square metres, comprises 135 beds and involves two operating rooms, a pharmacy, and a restaurant, in addition to X-ray and MRI rooms.

During his visit to Jendouba Saied stressed 'the importance of the health sector and the concrete achievements that remain to be implemented so that the sector can meet the expectations of citizens.

He pledged to work towards streamlining such projects and their equitable distribution over all cities and regions facing shortages at this level. He mentioned the need to complete the Medical City in Kairouan after the authorities concerned have completed the study phase.

The President denied the existence of a crisis in the health sector in Tunisia, condemning 'fake news spread all over media and social media.'

He stressed his awareness of «the fears of Tunisians about their future, but the will of the people and their resilience are likely to rid Tunisia of the forces that are working to disrupt the Tunisian state through rumours.»


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