Car industry: Tunisia needs to adapt to technological and energy transition, electrification (professionals)

November 24, 2022

(TAP)- Transition to the electric motor and the ramp-up of hydrogen-powered vehicles requirers huge adaptation efforts by Tunisia, participants in a debate held Wednesday as part of the second edition of the Innovation Industry Day said.

Hydrogen is seen as a lever of energy transition to low-carbon economy. Tunisia needs to tap into these opportunities to secure hydrogen production and exportation, they added.

The acceleration of the energy transition process and the introduction of new regulations on CO2 emissions over the last few years drove an unprecedented development of sales of alternative-fuel, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

Tunisian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) Managing Director Jörn Bousselmi said Tunisia has to adapt to a new era of technological and energy transition as well as electrification which also covers the job-generating car industry.

'Tunisia has the necessary assets and know-how to be to a technology hub,' Bousselmi said. Necessary regulations need to be developed to give a boost to this innovative sector.


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