WB Country Partnership Framework will be published in coming months (Arrobbio)

November 11, 2022

(TAP)- The new World Bank (WB) Country Partnership Framework (CPF) 2023/2027, which is based on the priorities of the Tunisian government, will be published in the coming months, said WB Country Manager for Tunisia Alexandre Arrobbio.

A first round of talks already started and technical consultations will continue with the government, various partners and civil society, Arrobbio further told TAP Thursday on the sidelines of a second Tunisia Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) report launch seminar.

This SCD is important basis for the new Country Partnership Framework which will help define the WB's support and actions over the next five years, he added.

'The diagnostic allowed to take a step back and define the issues and challenges facing Tunisia in order to foster dialogue,' the WB official said.

The broad lines of the Country Partnership Framework will also be aligned with the government's strategy and actions undertaken which target social resilience, support for government reforms, human development, the private sector and the management of natural resources, especially climate issues.

Executive Director of the Global Institute for Transitions (GI4T) Hakim Ben Hamouda said this diagnostic will be published amid national and global turbulence.

For the expert, it is imperative to build economic resilience to cope with the various shocks, including the impacts of the 2008 economic crisis, the Arab Spring, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Political dialogue, a better macroeconomic situation, a stepped-up capacity of the private sector, dependence on markets and the social contract are five sine qua conditions for building this resilience, Ben Hamouda added.

The Systematic Country Diagnostic provided good answers to all these issues; further debate is needed for other issues.

The SCD demonstrated the WB's willingness to continue its traditional and historical support to Tunisia, particularly amid such a difficult and complicated context.

Light was often shed on international shocks in this report, he said. The current state of affairs in the country is not only due to difficulties seen over the last decade but also to structural problems that date back to almost one century.

Minister of Economy and Planning Samir Saied said Tunisia experienced a difficult decade marked by a series of shocks which requires massive actions to bring efficient responses.

The report will serve as a diagnostic that will complement others, including the one presented by the The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) .

This will help see whether the reforms undertaken and planned are sufficient, he said. This is an exercise similar to the one with the International Monetary Fund- both of which can serve as a guarantee for the international community to show reforms are sound.

For Saied, the national reform programme has the necessary credibility at the international level.

'This time, there is no room for mistakes; we need to have a good reform to be implemented immediately and not next year or the next three years. That is what we are doing,' he said.

He cited a number of fields of action for reform, including social inclusion, digitalisation, education, the business climate and development sustainability.

Entitled 'Restoring Confidence and Meeting Aspirations for a More Prosperous and Inclusive Tunisia,' the SCD report for Tunisia is the second edition after a first one in 2015.

This type of report, produced for partner countries every five years, allows to identify main challenges and opportunities to accelerate progress in restoring confidence, according to the WB.

This second edition helped present a vision of trends in Tunisia over the last ten years, particularly through international comparisons and mid-term prospective analyses.


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