''Non-pharmacological approaches in psychiatry'' at centre of scientific forum in Hammamet

October 31, 2022

(TAP) - 'Non-pharmacological approaches in psychiatry' were at the centre of the ninth scientific two-day forum of the Tunisian Association of Doctors and Young Psychiatric Residents, which started on Saturday in Hammamet in partnership with the Association of Tunisian Doctors in Germany and the German Agency for International Cooperation 'GIZ'.

Marwa Dhamid, a member of the Association of Young Doctors and Psychiatry Residents, said in a statement to TAP that the scientific forum, which will see the participation of more than 180 young doctors and professors of psychiatry from Tunisia and Germany, is an important opportunity for participants, especially young doctors, to immerse themselves in psychotherapy approaches without the use of drugs such as cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and a positive therapeutic approach.

She pointed out that therapeutic approaches in which drugs are used have been the subject of a number of workshops led by specialised professors from Tunisia and Germany, who have also participated in conferences on various non-pharmacological therapeutic approaches and presented their various experiences in this field.

Dhamid noted that the Association of Young Doctors and Residents in Psychiatry, created in 2011, wishes, through its various annual scientific activities, to intensify opportunities for the exchange of therapeutic experiences in psychiatry and to disseminate the culture of psychotherapy on a wider scale. In this regard, she stressed the importance of supervising patients, especially to prevent 'the development of certain cases that seem simple to complex mental illnesses'.

She added that the organisation of specialised scientific forums also contributes to reinforcing the training of young resident doctors for a better mastery of the different therapeutic approaches in psychiatry, which themselves require advanced scientific training, for better supervision of patients in psychiatric clinics and the use of approaches appropriate to their cases.


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