citizens' e-mail addresses server is hosted by ATI (Minister of Technology)

October 28, 2022

(TAP) – Citizens' e-mail addresses server (e-berid) is hosted by Tunisia Internet (ATI), a national institution, said the Minister of Communication Technologies, Nizar Ben Neji, noting that no foreign service provider oversees this service.

Speaking at an awareness meeting on digital identity at the National School of Computer Science in Manouba, the Minister recalled that the ATI which has created 3500 secure accounts stands out by by its skills and experience dating back to 1998.

The ATI guarantees the security of personal data and confidentiality of correspondence between the administration and the citizen / the citizen and the administration.

He also said that the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (INPDP) supports this service.

Ben Neji's statement came in response to a warning from non-governmental organisation I Watch against the use of the service that 'jeopardizes the security of personal data and the secrecy of their correspondence with state institutions.»

The Minister recalled that since the launch of the digital identity service in August, 34,000 identities have been activated and 81,000 applications are the process of approval.

He stressed that the Ministry will continue its communication campaign to introduce the electronic identity service and the rest of the services, in cooperation with telecom operators, to raise awareness among citizens about their importance and its possible uses, while providing technical support.

He added that the Ministry is currently working to install automated dispensers for digital identity holders in administrations and municipalities, to check the identity of the applicant of the document and obtain the documents after payment.

The Ministry will also launch the Tunisian Digital Observatory that will be responsible for collecting statistical data relating to the sector of telecommunications, electronic services and digital financial services and will provide dashboards to help policymakers plan, programme and develop solutions

I Watch, on Thursday, warned citizens against the use of the citizen's email address (e-barid).

It said the Ministry of Communication Technologies has not secured approval from the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, regarding the protection of personal data of this email or digital identity, as confirmed by the President of the Authority.

This does not comply with the provisions of Article 7 of the Organic Law No. 63 of the year 2004 published on July 27? 2004, concerning the protection of personal data, says the NGO.


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