TeanGeo 2022: ''Developing Geospatial Science & Technology in North Africa''

October 20, 2022

TAP)- Works of the 3rd International Conference & Exhibition Advanced Geospatial Science & Technology (TeanGeo 2022) kicked off on Tuesday in Tunis.

Organised at the initiative of the Regional Centre for Remote Sensing of North Africa States (CRTEAN), the three-day conference will discuss the latest innovations and scientific challenges in the geospatial field, according to a press release by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

This scientific event aims to boost the development of geospatial science and technology in North African and Arab countries in order to promote development in these regions through the encouragement of investment in the space industry adapted to the needs of the populations, according to the same source.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Moncef Boukthir said that this event is an important opportunity for exchange between academics and specialists and for establishing new partnerships in this strategic sector.

'Tunisia is among the countries that have focused on the development of its human and technical resources in various specialties, including the geospatial field,' he pointed out, adding that space technology is now used in several fields in Tunisia.

The conference theme is 'Developing Geospatial Science & Technology in North Africa,' with an emphasis on the development as a technology in the North African context, according to TeanGeo 2022 official website.


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