Tunis Air/Express ready to start flights to Zuwara from Tunis Carthage airport

October 4, 2022

Tunis Air is ready to start flights to Zuwara airport from Tunis Carthage airport. Zuwara is located 102 km west of Tripoli and 60 km from the Tunisian border.

The revelation was made by Zuwara Municipal Council on Saturday after reporting that its Mayor, Hafed Ben Sassi, had visited Tunis last Friday and met with the heads of Tunis Air and Tunis Express airlines.

Zuwara Council reported that the Tunisian side had confirmed their readiness to start operating two flights per week in principle, provided that the Municipal Council undertakes the arrangements for the procedures of the Libyan state with the Ministry of Transportation.

Zuwara Municipal Council reported that the Tunis Air/Express visit was held with the knowledge of the Libyan Minister of Transportation and the Minister of Local Government. It also revealed that a Tunisian technical and security committee will visit Zuwara airport in the coming days to determine the airport’s readiness and capabilities to receive flights.



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