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Tunisia: STEG plans to produce 80% of electricity from renewable energy in 2050

September 30, 2022

The Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) would not only catch up in energy transition but make renewable energy the main source of electricity it produces and distributes,” Emna Bali Zarrouk, officer in charge of management studies and planning said at the first day of the 1st Forum Africa France on Ecological and Energy Transition.

This great leap forward would be in three stages and twenty-eight years: more than 35% in 2030, 50% in 2035 and 80% in 2050. Yet promising, the renewable energy sector in Tunisia represents only 3.7% of the total power, divided between wind, hydro and photovoltaic.

Tunisia has enacted legislation to facilitate calls for projects in the field, including a framework law enacted on May 11, 2015, on the production of electricity from renewable energy for local consumption and export of energy produced.

However, the situation of the sector is hampered because of the boycott of the connection of renewable energy production facilities by the STEG unions.


oil and gas

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