Africa & Middle East Digital Health Conference opens in Hammamet

September 23, 2022

(TAP) - Tunisia has the necessary technical capacities and medical expetise to serve as a bridge between Africa and the Middle East in digital health and attract related investments and projects, President of the Tunisian Association for Heath Promotion (French: ATPS) Karim Abdelwahed told TAP on Thursday.

There is need for Tunisia to develop a national strategy for digital health, Abdelwahed further said on the sidelines of the kickoff of the first Africa & Middle East Digital Health Conference & Exhibition. in Hammamet at the initiative of ATPS.

Digital health is an 'industry' which means the ability to attract investments and the capacity to generate jobs for young graduates in Tunisia who demonstrated high skills in European countries, Canada, Africa and the Middle East as well as ability to create a new dynamic for the development of digital health and the exportation of health services.

The meeting, which brings together physicians, world experts in digital health, decision-makers and stakeholders in the digital ecosystem from all over the world, is an opportunity to raise awareness about the need to promote the health sector and keep up with the global changes. The World Health Organisation (WHO) supports within the framework of the Geneva Charter for Well-being the project to digitise the healthcare system.

Digital transition became an urgent need, Karim Abdelwahed said. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the global trend towards the health sector digitisation.

The Health Ministry is working via its computer centre on setting up IT systems and creating technological solutions to digitise medical records and activities of laboratories and private health facilities.

It is crucial to accelerate the pace of digital transition in the health sector by developing appropriate legislation.


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