Sfax: Car-free days in Sfax and Chihia ( September 24 and 25)

September 23, 2022

TAP) - Under the slogan 'Smarter Sfax', the cities of Sfax and Chihia will live on September 24 and 25, to the rhythm of the event ' Car-Free Days', which is part of the World Car Free Day celebrated on September 22 each year.

During a press briefing held on Thursday, Director-General of Urban Development at the municipality of Sfax, Riadh Haj Taieb said this event aims to reduce gas emissions from cars, save energy, improve the quality of life and encourage a return to clean transport.

This event concerns, during the inaugural day, the city centre of Sfax, in front of the Municipal Palace and the city centre of Chihia in front of the municipality of the place during the second day of the event.

The event 'Car Free Days ' is in line with the project of intelligent transport in Sfax, implemented between the municipalities of Sfax and Chihia, over four years (2022-2026), with funds worth 17 MD and revolves around four axes, the same source said.


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