Strategic vision of transport and logistics sector at heart of Cabinet Meeting Saturday

September 19, 2022

(TAP) - The strategic vision relating to the transport and logistics sector was at the heart of a Cabinet Meeting on Saturday morning chaired by Prime Minister Najla Bouden.

The meeting reviewed the main lines of this vision, which is articulated around nine major axes. These are the promotion of the urban transport sector, the reinforcement of the rail transport networks of people and goods, the rehabilitation of ports, airports and land border crossings and the improvement of their performance and services and the development of public-private partnership projects in the field of infrastructure.

The meeting also addressed the development and renovation of the transport fleet, all categories included, and the orientation towards the exploitation of sustainable means of transport, the promotion of the logistic sector to support the economic sectors and restructuring of public companies, which are going through acute financial difficulties.

Adopting modern technological applications was also discussed, as well as promoting the quality of services, guaranteeing overall safety, improving the energy efficiency of the transport sector and implementing sustainable transport. Light was shed on revising the legal framework and adapting it to the requirements of the sector.
The national master plan of transport by 2040 includes 47 infrastructure projects for global investments of nearly 68 billion dinars. The objective is:

  • Streamlining governance and strengthening structural reforms
  • Development of the logistics system and multimodal transport
  • Development of intelligent transport systems
  • Modernising basic infrastructure and equipment and ensuring their sustainability
  • Improving productivity and lowering the cost of transport by opening it to competition
  • Opening up the regions and increasing the participation of transport services in the development effort.
  • Finding sustainable and innovative financial resources
  • Improving the energy efficiency of the transport sector and introducing green transport
  • Building skills and promoting training systems

The Cabinet Meeting stressed the need to step up restructuring public enterprises that are experiencing problems and to set up short-term programme contracts (2023-2025), with a view to restoring the normal rhythm of activity, improving the quality of services and controlling costs.

The programme of reforms and restructuring of public enterprises and establishments is part of the executive plan of the strategy of reform of public enterprises, under the supervision of the Prime Ministry. It concerns issues relating to financing, social dialogue, internal and general governance and human resources.

The objective is to further strengthen and develop the transport and logistics sector and to give priority to alternative mechanisms in the achievement of investment programmes, including PPP, and the development of strategic partnerships with major global companies in this field.

The Cabinet Meeting called to accelerate updating the legal and regulatory framework organising the various transport and logistics activities, with a view to adapting to the evolutions recorded on the international level, while focusing on preserving the environment, improving the foundations of safety, developing quality and adopting new technologies.


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