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InstaDeep organises AI Hack Tunisia 2022 – the largest ML Hackathon in Africa and the Middle East, in partnership with Google and the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy

August 30, 2022

AI Hack Tunisia is an AI and ML-focused hackathon hosted by InstaDeep and co-organised with Google and the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy. It is the biggest ML hackathon in the Middle-East and Africa and is aimed at developers as well as tech entrepreneurs, researchers, students, PhD holders, and startups from around the world to create innovative ideas and solve real challenges
using AI.
AI Hack Tunisia 2022 will be a double hackathon, meaning it will be divided into two competitions: an individual and a group (or startup) competition. Each competition will utilise different AI/ML technologies
and skills.

Who will participate in AI Hack Tunisia 2022?
AI Hack competitors are students, developers, tech entrepreneurs, researchers, Ph.D. holders, and startups. They will create innovative ideas and solve real-life challenges using Artificial Intelligence. In total
there will be more than 1,000 participants from across the Middle East and Africa, including: Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Cameroon, Malawi, Gambia, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania,
Rwanda, Somalia, Zimbabwe, and more.

When and where is AI Hack Tunisia 2022?

AI Hack Tunisia 2022 is returning after a covid-enforced break, and will take place for 3 days between 29-21 August at the Radès-Omnisport Arena, Tunis.
AI Hack Tunisia 2022 runs directly after the Deep Learning Indaba 2022, also taking place in Tunisia between 21-26 August 2022.
To read more about AI Hack Tunisia 2022, please see www.ai-hack-tunisia.com

AI Hack Tunisia 2022 Sponsors
We would like to thank our sponsors for their valuable contributions to AI Hack Tunisia 2022. We are very grateful for the time and energy they have invested in our vision and in our event. Their sponsorship is
integral to our ability to support and develop the AI and ML community.

About the Competitions
The individual competition:
● Several competitions in Artificial Intelligence will be launched at the same time and each participant will be asked to choose and solve one of them .
● The track will last for 20 hours in a row where participants will deal with problems in Artificial Intelligence in different areas and using different AI tools (computer vision, NLP, Reinforcement Learning
● The competitions will take place on a platform that calculates each participant’s results in real time; and at the end of the individual competitions, the highest scores are ranked directly via this platform.

The group/start-up competition:
● Competitors will form small teams of 2 to 4 people where they have to create a start-up idea in AI and work on mobile applications for that idea. The participants will work on realising how, by using AI, their innovative ideas and technical skills could be transformed into commercial opportunities with a societal impact.
● Competitors will receive support and guidance from both business and technical mentors throughout the event. More than 80 teams will have to pitch their ideas, and 10 finalists will be chosen from this group. An expert jury will select the winners from the finalists.

Exciting prizes will be awarded to all the winners of the individual and startup competitions. Each competition has its own theme and prizes.
We are very grateful to our sponsors for their consistent support and amazing contribution to AI Hack Tunisia 2022.
Feedback and photos from AI Hack Tunisia 2019
The most memorable and remarkable thing about AI Hack Tunisia 2019 was the strong passion for AI which was evident from the minute the doors opened. It was amazing to see so many young talents come together in a multicultural environment to learn and develop their skills during the two competitions individual and group or startup competitions hosted on the platform of our partner Zindi.
Here’s what some of AI Hack Tunisia 2019 participants wrote on social
“So honoured to participate at #AIHackTunisia – the greatest hackathon in Africa and Mena region. It was a great learning experience, both professionally and personally, staying without sleep for three days, meeting a lot of amazing people and I had the honour to discuss the endless possibilities and the future of data science in Africa” – Ouafa Hachem, Data Scientist
“Thanks to the organisers of the event and the mentors that never stopped helping and sharing their knowledge with us. And a special thanks to Karim Beguir, Kais Mejri and InstaDeep community to show us, Tunisian students, that there are many competent people in Tunisia, and [that] we can make a big AI community in our country” –Slim Oualha


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