volume of banknotes and coins in circulation hit record of around TND 18.8 billion

August 11, 2022

The cash circulation has continued its growth observed in recent months, namely the period covering the summer season and the Aid al-Adha feast.

Indeed, according to daily data from the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), the value of banknotes and coins in circulation has reached a record of 18.8 billion dinars on August 4, 2022.

It posted a rise of 1 billion dinars (+5.7%) compared to the same date last year. This sharp increase in cash circulation reflects a clear preference of Tunisians and economic operators for the use of cash.

Indeed, the use of cash as a preferred means of payment could be the result of the expansion of the informal sector and tax evasion, on the one hand and the delay in the development of modern means of payment, and on the other hand.



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