Takelsa to host ecotourism pole at Port des Princes

July 4, 2022

(TAP/Ahmed Gaddah)- Takelsa, Nabeul, has been chosen to host an ecotourism pole, particularly at the Port des Princes.

'The studies carried out by local authorities and the Tourism Real Estate Agency to establish an ecotourism pole on 50 Ha are going well,” mayor of Takelsa Walid Amiri told TAP.

“Investors in the tourism sector are aware of the need to move towards new approaches, including ecotourism and agrotourism,” he said.

Ecological tourism has been gaining momentum in Takelsa for some years now, he said. The municipality, the largest in Nabeul with 27 thousand hectares, has 12 guesthouses that are very popular with local tourists, he added.

Takelsa is located in the northwest of Nabeul on a 25 km long coastline. From the region of Oued L’Abid to the community of Mangâa, the beaches are disconnected from any industrial area, which makes it favourable for ecotourism.

Amiri said local authorities have expedited the investment procedures in order to attract investors who “will be the new engine of the region’s economic development on the medium and long term.”

“All the administrative procedures have been streamlined; for investors, it is enough to comply with the specifications proposed by the authorities.'

The mayor said the authorities concerned will soon be working on projects to improve infrastructure, promote ecological tourism and enhance the rich cultural heritage that can attract a category of tourists other than those who are keen on swimming, hiking and climbing.

Hotels in the Port des Princes project will be eco-responsible and will meet the requirements of this tourist alternative in terms of environmental protection to preserve the agricultural wealth of the region, Walid Amiri added.


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