Bouden backs Bilel Jamoussi’s candidacy for position of Director of ITU Telecomm

June 29, 2022

(TAP)- Eight startups operating in the software industry, renewables, design manufacturing, mobility, Gig Economy, RegTech and Retail will present Thursday their support experiences. This wil be as part of Spring 2022 Demo Day organised in Tunis by Flat6Labs incubator.

The incubator launches a new funding cycle on a six-monthly basis under its Tunis Seed Programme. It also offers a workspace, a growth-oriented personalised support programme as well as individual coaching.

KUMULUS, a startup operating in the production of drinking water from solar energy and air humidity, will participate in the event along with EVADAM, a software publisher specialising in the fight against web-based scams and money laundering, and SLIDZO, a platform which automates the process of building up based on artificial intelligence.

Startuppers representing OTO - an all-in-one app to ensure better management of taxi journeys- and IJEN, a market place for ondemand services, in addition to YAZ, a web and mobile app for wholesale electronic markets, will be among participants.


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