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Energy mix: Tunisia mobilises 900MD per year for revised goal of 35% RE in 2030

June 15, 2022

TAP)- Tunisia, which has just revised its goal for the renewable energy share in power generation to 35% instead of 30% in 2030, is considering the mobilisation of an annual investment of 900 million dinars (MD) to boost the energy projects planned in this framework.

New calls for tenders for power generation from renewable energy will be launched in a few weeks, announced Industry, Energy and Mines Minister Neila Nouira Gongi, who considers that achieving the 35% target in 8 years is 'very possible,' even though the country is still dependent on imported fossil fuels and is currently at only 3.7% of RE in the national energy mix.

Concretely, 'Tunisia projects to have an additional capacity of 4,300 megawatts of RE, by 2030, that is to say an annual capacity of 500 Mw over a period of 8 years,' the minister told TAP.

She added that 'this investment will improve the GDP growth rate by 1% annually.'

Faced with an energy deficit that continues to worsen from 10% in 2010 to 48% in 2021, with a peak of 59% in 2019, opting for renewable energy 'is no longer a choice today, but an obligation,' Neila Nouira Gongi pointed out.

She recalled in this regard, that imports of energy products account for over 58% of development expenditure, 13% of the State's own resources and 3.7% of the country's total GDP.

The minister called, to this end, for a ' comprehensive approach based on a balance between consumption, production and import of energy,' calling on all stakeholders to endeavour to speed up the energy transition, which she specified 'will not be possible without devising efficient programmes for renewable energy, energy efficiency and electric mobility.'

Overhaul of the regulatory framework

To achieve its energy goal, Tunisia is considering updating the regulatory and legal framework governing power generation from renewable energy sources, so that it covers other resources such as green hydrogen and is adapted to global progress in the clean energy field.

The new clean energy sources are promising niches for production, employment, investment and sustainable development, and hence for growth, the minister underlined.

'It is now or never for Tunisia to position itself as an exporter of green fertiliser, given that it is already a confirmed producer of phosphates,' Gongi pointed out, adding that the energy department is currently working on the revision of the hydrocarbons code and is considering amending the mining code.

In a statement to TAP, Director General of the National Agency for Energy Management (ANME) Fethi Hanchi affirmed that Tunisia has great assets in the electric mobility field.

'The country can fully take advantage of the expansion of this sector and become a producer of electric cars, especially since this technology is easy to master,' he explained, indicating that while a thermal car requires 1,400 components, an electric car needs only 200 components.

The ANME has already taken steps to set up a network of electric recharging stations in supermarkets as part of the preparations for the development of an electric car market in Tunisia, Hanchi underlined.


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