''Government must begin wage negotiations'' (Sami Tahri)

June 14, 2022

TAP) - Deputy Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) Sami Tahri said the labour organisation has given the government the time to prepare all the files and hold negotiations, saying the strike that will be decreed on June 16 is to press for a number of claims.

Chairing a meeting at the sports hall in Gafsa as part of mobilisation and preparation of the June 16 general strike, Tahri said the UGTT is so far ready for dialogue and negotiations with the government, in parallel with the preparation of the strike.

He noted that the government is required, in such circumstances, to spare the country any social tension and to begin negotiations on the demands on a number of files, reaffirming that the strike is not an objective in itself, but a means for the immediate launch of negotiations.

He called on trade unionists to unite and show solidarity, warning against the risks of exploitation of movements and protests by intruders to create chaos in the country.


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