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Eleven municipalities to receive funding for energy efficiency projects

June 8, 2022

TAP) - Eleven municipalities that have submitted energy efficiency projects will benefit from a combined financing between the Energy Transition Fund (French:FTE) and the Fund for Loans and Support of Local Communities (French:CPSCL) in addition to their self-financing.

These municipalities were selected following a call for expression of interest launched in November 2021, said Director of the Directorate of Energy Efficiency in the Energy Sector and National Coordinator of the Programme (French:ACTE)Abdelhamid Gannouni.

This call for expressions of interest is part of the 'Alliance of Municipalities for Energy Transition' (ACTE) programme, launched in 2015 as part of a partnership between the National Agency for Energy Management (French:ANME), the CPSCL and the Directorate General for Public and Local Authorities (DGCPL).

With a total amount of 2.6 million dinars (MD), these eleven projects were selected among 47 presented, after an administrative and technical evaluation.

They will be financed within the framework of a financing scheme distributed between 837 thousand dinars (md), in the form of subsidy from the Energy Transition Fund (FTE), 1.5 MD in the form of self-financing provided by the municipalities themselves, and 360 md as loans granted by the Fund for loans and support of local authorities (CPSCL).

The selected municipalities are those of Ezzahra, Ben Arous, Nefta, Menzel Jemil, Ghomrassen, Gabes, Tozeur, Grombalia, Hammam Lif and Kélibia.

By the end of the year, nearly 90% of the projects will be implemented, said Ganouni, specifying that these are mainly projects of energy management, public lighting by Led lights instead of conventional lights, installation of centralised solar thermal for sanitary water heating, as well as photovoltaic power plants connected to the Medium Voltage network (MV).

The official said that a second call for expression of interest will be launched in September 2022 to benefit other municipalities.

The ACTE programme aims to strengthen the capacity of Tunisian municipalities to contribute at their level to the national energy transition, through the exploitation of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

In addition to the calls for expressions of interest, there are other activities in the ACTE programme, notably the energy audit of 350 municipalities, the support of 14 pilot municipalities for the introduction of the ACTE/MEA cable.


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