Quantities of Johnson vaccine to be destroyed following WHO warning (Ali Mrabet)

May 10, 2022

(TAP) - Health Minister Ali Mrabet, Monday, said that Tunisia is closely monitoring an international warning made by the World Health Organization (WHO) on dropping Johnson and Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine.

The State is currently making an inventory of the quantities of the Johnson vaccine which will be destroyed afterwards. The State’s goal is to preserve the health of its citizens and ensure their safety, Mrabet added.

Taking the floor at the opening of the National Conference on Road Traffic and Road Accident Statistics, the health minister indicated that Tunisia will buy COVID-19 drugs.

The State is still following up the progress of the health situation in the country and abroad, particularly after recording more COVID-19 cases over the past weeks in the world.

The epidemiological situation is stable in Tunisia, the minister said. Fortunately, the recent COVID-19 wave was mild, knowing that the reception capacity in terms of resuscitation beds did not exceed 66%, Mrabet underlined.

We should draw lessons from the pandemic that has swept our world over the past two years. We should be more prepared logistically and promote a strategic reserve of oxygen, the same source said.

The minister urged Tunisian citizens to complete their vaccine process. Over 1 million 500 thousand Tunisians, an average of more than 50 thousand people per hour, were administered vaccines, last summer, so as to strengthen their immunity.

More than 6 million 500 thousand Tunisians have completed the vaccination process and more than 1 million 300 thousand received third dose, Mrabet added.

On the other hand, the Health Minister spoke of developing a strategy to purchase medical helicopters, consolidating the fleet ambulances as well as strengthening emergency medicine.


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