Italian design showcased in Tunis

March 23, 2022

'100 Years of Magistretti' exhibition and promotional day

TUNISI - Italian Design Day will be back on March 23.
The event was created in 2017 to promote the best of Italian furniture, architecture, and design abroad.
For the day, the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) in Tunis is presenting the '100 Years of Vico Magistretti' exhibition and a video with an interview with Khaled Ben Romdhane from KRB, the largest retailer of Italian designer products in Tunisia.
The exhibition on Magistretti, with video introduction by Margherita Pellino from the Vico Magistretti foundation, will be open at the IIC until April 30 and covers 60 years in the career of Magistretti: from his most well-known projects to ones less so, from Milanese architecture and other styles to products that have entered thousands of homes around the world.
The exhibition has two spirits inextricably linked, of Magistretti and his work. There is architecture with designs, photographs, project reports for homes and buildings, as well as designs with sketches and catalogues of products that have become icons of Italian design.
The public will also be able to see some of the icons of Italian design, made available by KBR. 'Ri-Generazione. Design e nuove tecnologie per un futuro sostenibile' ('Re-generation.
Design and New Technologies for a Sustainable Future') is the theme of this year, which highlights one of the current challenges that design is dealing with: promoting a transition in lifestyles that brings together functionality and wellbeing with sustainability and environmental impact, re-generating - in ideas and in practice - objects and spaces.
Reusing, fixing, renovating, and recycling materials and products is now a parallel need to that of developing new ones.
This will be the theme in Tunis of a new exhibition at the City of Science entitled '3CO-Design - 3R/ Reuse, Recycle, Reduce' through collaboration between Italian organisers and local institutions.



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