Sports tourism at heart of panel discussion as TAP unveils results of Best Athletes’ Poll

January 6, 2022

(TAP) – TAP news agency, on Wednesday, held a panel discussion on «investing in sports' events to promote Tunisian tourism,» on the observance of the national n of the national sports' press day.

Several experts and officials in the fields of sport and tourism have been invited to this conference to discuss the various issues and aspects related to the proposed theme.

President of the Tunisian National Olympic Committee (CNOT), Mehrez Bousayene emphasized the economic aspect of sport, saying sports tourism is a product that must be promoted further with all that it requires in terms of provisions and measures.

He added that the development of sports infrastructure is key in this process that must be based on a strategic vision by 2025, the year of the celebration of one hundred years of independence.

For his part, Director of Communication at the National Tourist Office of Tunisia (ONTT), Karim Jatlaoui listed the international sporting events (Rallies, Marathons, .. etc) hosted by the country in 2021.

He announced a rich programme of events for 2022, calling for a greater effort in terms of promoting the infrastructure of some sports disciplines with high tourism potential.

Director General of Sport, Moncef Chalghaf has, for his part, presented the approach advocated by the Ministry of Youth and Sport in the promotion of sports tourism.

Vice President of the Tunisian Federation of Hotels (FTH), Slim Dimassi said development is dependent on investment.

He, therefore, called for the enactment of a code of investment in sport which he is a priority today.

To overcome the problems of infrastructure that are lacking in all the strategies put in place for the promotion of sport and tourism, Dimassi advocates further involving the private sector.

January 19, 2022