There are no immediate solutions for environmental problems in Sfax'' (Minister of Environment)

October 28, 2021

(TAP) - There are no immediate solutions for environmental problems in the governorate of Sfax, as well as for the controlled landfill at El Kenna under the delegation of Agareb, ' Minister of Environment Leila Chikhaoui said Wednesday in Sfax.

The ideal solution is to focus on the design of a joint strategy involving all stakeholders (ministries, municipalities and civil society) to solve the environmental problems in the region, especially in the most damaged area of Agareb.

The Minister said at a meeting with representatives of civil society there is no question to add another case to the landfill El Kenna, whose entry into operation dates back to 2008, without the agreement of residents.

She noted that only justice can rule on cases of corruption recorded in the field of environment and environmental crimes committed since 2011.

The representatives of civil society have described as 'environmental terrorism' the situation suffered by local residents because of the accumulation of waste, and mismanagement of this file, especially in Agareb.

They also called to identify solutions to the waste littering the streets of the city of Sfax for a month, and to eliminate illegal dumps and to recycle waste.

They claimed environmental justice and highlighted their right to a quality life, a healthy environment, urging punishing violators who harm the environment.


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