Tunisia to lift covid curfews

September 26, 2021

Tunisia will entirely lift its nightly curfew against COVID-19 from Saturday, Reuters reported the presidency saying today, after about a year after the policy came into force.

In October 2020, Tunisia announced a night-time curfew in all governorates, shutting schools and banning inter-regional travel to halt the resurgence of coronavirus.

The government has also banned gatherings of more than four people in public places, except for on public transport, suspended congregational prayers in mosques and religious spaces until mid-November, and ordered restaurants and cafes to close at 4pm each day.

Tunisian COVID-19 cases spiked sharply in July but have since fallen as the country has carried out a vaccination campaign.

As of yesterday, 703,059 coronavirus cases had been registered in Tunisia, including 24,676 patients who died as a result of infection. To date, 7,342,484 people have received at least one shot of the vaccine, while 3,357,086 are now fully vaccinated, according to Johns Hopkins University.



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