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Reported investments in industry shrink 14.6% in first seven months (APII)

August 29, 2021

(TAP) - Reported industrial investments fell 14.6% to 1,509.3 million dinars (MD) during the first 7 months of 2021, according to the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (French: APII)'s July note

Reported investments in building materials, ceramics and glass industries as well as in leather and footwear dropped 69.9% and 44.6% to 79.7 MD and 10.8 MD, respectively.

Investments in mechanical and electronic industries posted a 39.1% drop to 435.5 MD. Textile and clothing industries followed suit with investments declining 22.6% to 68 MD.

Meanwhile, agribusines investments grew 61.1% to 520.2 MD. Chemical industries also posted an upward trend (+86.5% to 187.1 MD).

Reported investments in totally exporting industries rose 55.2% to 681.2 MD, while those in local market-oriented industries fell 37.6% to 828.1 MD.

Consequently, totally exporting industries had 45% of reported investments in the seven first months of 2021.

Foreign or partnered industrial investments edged down 2.9% from 690.1 MD during the first 7 months of 2020 to 670 MD during the same period in 2021. This is due to investments in relation to foreign projects falling 25.1%.

Meanwhile, partnership projects rose 68.3% to 276 MD.

Trade balance shows deficit of 4, 075 MD

The trade balance of the industrial sector showed a deficit of -4, 075 MD

against -3,133.7 MD in the first 7 months of 2020. This is mainly the result of higher imports.

Industrial exports rose 23.8%, amouting to 23,764.4 MD, the APII said. This rise was seen in all sectors, except for the agrofood sector (-15.9%).

Likewise, the industrial sector imports saw a 24.7% rise to 27, 839.4 MD.

'This upward trend in imports was observed in all sectors, going from 3.9% for the agrofood industry to 33% for the building materials, ceramics and glass industries,' the note further reads.

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