Tunisia: ELAOULA, e-commerce platform selling 100% Tunisian products abroad!

April 22, 2021

Co-founded by brothers Naim and Yassine Kharrez in August 2020, is an online sales platform dedicated to selling 100% Tunisian products abroad!

Elaoula provides products “Made in Tunisia” to Tunisians abroad and also to anyone curious to discover the Tunisian handicraft and gastronomy.

Many items are offered (More than 700 products) at unbeatable prices as sweet grocery (Biscuits, Coffee, Chamia …), savory grocery (Harissa, Pasta, Tuna …), the Tunisian pastry (Baklawa, kaak, Samsa …), crafts (leather, pottery, cushion …) and local products (Bsissa, Droo, Cousoucs, Hlelem …) Also, more than 150 products are less than 1 €.

Elaoula offers free delivery from €25 of purchase to 15 countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Oman …) and express delivery to the world (more than 180 countries) with less than 50% compared to standard DHL fees.

Naim Kharrez stressed that Tunisia is full of quality products and meticulous craftsmanship that deserve to be known internationally.

The Tunisian product, in high demand in several markets, has already managed to capture the attention of the international. The idea was then to propose a marketplace where it is possible to order and be delivered Tunisian products.



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