PurplePay Launches Mobile App Solution

April 12, 2021

A digital payment solution provider, PurplePay has launched its mobile pay solution application for the world, with Nigeria as the pioneer leading country. This digital payment platform promises to offer and shape consumers’ experiencing seamless transactions with the aim to change the way businesses, religious centres and NGOs send and receive funds.

It is pocket-friendly, convenient and safest way to send and receive money, pay bills and top-up airtime with ease anytime and from anywhere.
Purplepay users get to enjoy physical dollar cards delivered to them that can be used for withdrawals, online payments, online subscriptions and so much more.

PurplePay which is available on Android and iOS app stores has a QR code scanner that allows merchants to receive payments as well as a bulk payment feature allows users to make huge payments at once.

The peer-to-peer transfers’ feature allow users to send and receive money from other PurplePay users just with their usernames/phone numbers

Speaking to the press at the launching, the MD/CEO of PurplePay, Patrick Atuche, said the Nigerian market now has something to look forward to as this application applied to everyone.

According to him, the move was to aid the Central Bank of Nigeria’s cashless police adoption more than ever and with the Covid-19 pandemic, it has made it imminent to help prevent transmission of the virus.

He explained that with PurplePay’s cross-border payments and multicurrency wallet (local and USD), it would help the users connect with their loved ones and by doing so, bring them closer to each other.

According to him, at verified purplePay vendor outlets, its users can pay for goods and services from their purplePay app by scanning vendor QR codes at checkout points and pay with single click.

Speaking further on other unique features, Atuche explained that the digital platform provides virtual accounts for its Nigerian users to send and receive money from any bank in Nigeria with their PurplePay Account number.

He noted that the digital platform would serve people from different social strata on the society, irrespective the nature of their businesses once cash transfers are involved.

“From the market women selling foodstuffs to inter and intra transport operators, restaurant owners, religious centres, corporate and small businesses have full access to PurplePay mobile payment platform.

“Everyone can download the mobile application from their Apple (iOS) Android App Stores. Our journey for seamless modern, cashless society globally is a positive plan that has PurplePay set to lead the way for its actualisation,” Atuche stated.



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