Heritage Bank Rewards More Customers

May 5, 2021

Heritage Bank said it has continually fulfilled its promises to support the Nigerian Creative Industry, as millionaires emerged from its YNSPYRE product in collaboration with the CREAM...... Continue Reading >

Aladdin Digital Bank Launches App to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

May 4, 2021

Aladdin Digital Bank has launched its digital App – Aladdin Finance – that will cater for the banking needs of a wide range of customers, including young professionals and...... Continue Reading >

World Bank to hold webinar on Digital Payments in Middle East and North Africa May 6

May 3, 2021

Tunis, May 2 (TAP) - 'Digital Payments in the Middle East and North Africa: Job Creation, Inclusion and Public Service Delivery', is the theme of a webinar, to be organized...... Continue Reading >

Tunisia: BTS shows resilience in face of COVID-19 crisis-

May 2, 2021

The Tunisian Solidarity Bank (BTS) recorded a positive net result of about 4.5 million dinars in 2020, showing some resilience in the face of the Covid-19 health crisis. The bank’s...... Continue Reading >

Banking Made Simple

April 29, 2021

Raheem Akingbolu reviews the new FirstBank’s corporate website and reckons that it would go a long way in strengthening the ability of the bank’s patrons and other potential...... Continue Reading >

W’Bank: Power Sector Credibility Depends on Visible Results

April 27, 2021

The World Bank has said that Nigerians’ faith in the power sector can only be boosted when they see visible results from ongoing reforms in the country. The Bank’s Practice...... Continue Reading >

High Inflation Hurting Mortgage Banks’

April 24, 2021

The Managing Director of Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank (ITMB), Dr. Olabanjo Obaleye, has lamented the depreciation in the exchange rate and rising inflation are hurting the housing sector...... Continue Reading >

Banknotes and coins in circulation up by 16.6% (BCT)

April 22, 2021

TAP)-The banknotes and coins in circulation reached 15749.4 million dinars (MD) at the end of 2020, up 16.6% compared to 2019, with a preponderant share of banknotes (97.4%), according...... Continue Reading >

Foreign exchange reserves up by 18.8% in 2020 compared to 2019 (BCT)

April 21, 2021

(TAP) - The foreign exchange reserves rose by 3,707.7 MD to 23,430.1 MD at the end of 2020, from 19,722.4 MD a year earlier, i.e an increase of 18.8%, according to the financial statements...... Continue Reading >

Tunisia: BH Bank achieves net profit of 73 million dinars in 2020

April 20, 2021

Prepared in an economic context strongly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, the financial statements of BH Bank for the year 2020 show a net profit of about 72.9 million dinars....... Continue Reading >