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Mazarine Energy'' intends to develop its investments in Tunisia, towards solar energy and green hydrogen

March 28, 2021

(TAP) - Managing Director of 'Mazarine Energy' company, operating in the energy sector in Kebili, Edward Van Kersbergen, underlined during a meeting, Friday morning, with Prime Minister, Hichem Mechichi, his company's willingness to develop its investments in Tunisia, to encompass the field of solar energy and green hydrogen.

According to a press release published by the Prime Ministry, Van Kersbergen indicated that 'the company intends to develop its activity in oil production, from the second half of 2021, at a rate of 5% of the national oil production'.

The CEO of Mazarine Energy confirmed that his company, 'in addition to its investment role, participates in social development efforts in the region of Kebili', expressing also 'his confidence in the Tunisian workforce and executives'.

For his part, the PM stressed his support for foreign investment in Tunisia, mentioning the efforts made to establish an efficient economic diplomacy.

Mechichi insisted on the need to support these investments and to overcome the difficulties faced by investors to create new jobs.


oil and gas

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