Tourist activity expected to pick up as of 2021 summer season (Habib Ammar)

February 17, 2021

(TAP) - The Tourism Ministry expects a pick-up in tourist activity starting from the 2021 summer season, Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts Habib Ammar said at a plenary session held Tuesday at the House of People's Representatives (HPR).

The ministry's work will mainly focus on the Libyan, Algerian and Eastern Europe markets, during this situation characterised by the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, he added during the session dedicated to the examination of a bill on the ratification of decree defining the exceptional provisions for travel agencies, whose activities were affected by the Coronavirus.

The ministry is also working on devising a strategic plan to ensure the gradual recovery of the tourist activity, in coordination with all concerned ministries and structures, he indicated.

The tourism sector has been hard hit by the health crisis, leading to a 64% drop in receipts in 2020, a 75% fall in the number of tourists and almost 80% of nights spent in hotels, Ammar specified.

The minister pointed out that the State has endeavoured to support the tourism enterprises, despite the difficult economic conditions, by taking measures such as rescheduling credits granted to tourism enterprises and professionals until September 21, 2021 and granting an exceptional 200 dinar-monthly subsidy for the sector's employees.

He underlined that this decision has so far served more than 250 travel agencies operating in the field of Umrah (small pilgrimage) and travel overseas. It has also helped make more than 5 thousand 'consensual settlements' between travel agencies and clients.


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