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Fuel cost adjustment mechanism behind price decreases between April and December 2020

February 15, 2021

TAP) - The application of the automatic fuel cost adjustment mechanism has contributed to the reduction by 6% of the price of regular gas oil, 10% of sulfur-free gas oil and 7% of unleaded gasoline, the National Observatory of Energy and Mines showed.

The price of a litre of regular gas oil decreased from 1570 millimes in early 2020 to 1470 millimes at the end of December 2020, while the price of a litre of sulfur-free gas oil from 1820 millimes to 1650 millimes during the same period.

According to data published by the Observatory, the price of unleaded gasoline, widely used for private cars, decreased from 2065 millimes to 1915 millimes.

In addition, the consumption of liquefied gas decreased by 1% between the years 2020 and 2019, and then increased in December 2020, following the closure of production sites in Gabes.

Fuel prices are set by a special committee at the Ministry of Industry and Energy, according to the monthly automatic adjustment mechanism.


oil and gas

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