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Trade deficit down to 1091.2 MD end December 2020 (INS)

January 13, 2021

TAP)- The trade deficit narrowed by 520.6 million dinars (MD) to 1091.2 MD in December 2020, against -1611.8 MD in December 2019, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Tunisia's foreign trade at current prices in December 2020 reveals that exports grew by 8.1%, over one year (-0.8% in November) to reach 3755.5 MD, against 3475.4 MD in December 2019.

This rise is explained, on the one hand, by the increase recorded in the sectors of energy (+106.2%), the mechanical and electrical industries (+14.4%), the textile, clothing and leather (+5.2%).

The fall was also registered in the sectors of mining, phosphates and derivatives (-44.5%) and agriculture and agri-food industries (-6.9%).

The breakdown by country points to an increase in sales of goods to certain European partners, mainly France (+5%), Italy (+24.1%), Spain (+19.2%) and Germany (+20%).

However, Tunisia's sales dropped with certain Arab countries such as Libya (-33.7%), Algeria (-27.7%) and Egypt (-17.6%).

Imports down by 4.7% in December

The imports edged down by 4.7%, compared to the same month of 2019 (-8.8% in November), to reach 4846.7MD, against 5087.2MD in December 2019.

This drop is mainly due to the decline recorded in Tunisia's purchases of energy products (-58%) and capital goods (-18.3%).

Besides, imports of mining and phosphate products were up by 28.6% and those of raw materials and semi-finished products (+12.9%) and consumer goods (+7.5%).

According to geographical breakdown, the decline in imports is mainly caused by the decrease in the country's purchases from its main European partners, such as France (-8.6%) and Italy (-2.4%) and with Libya (-88.6%), Algeria (-58%) and Egypt (-58.2%).

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