Mediterranean: Tunisian researchers participate in survey on resilience of fruit crops to climate change

November 25, 2020

TAP) - Tunisian and Moroccan researchers are participating in a survey on the resilience of fruit crops in the Mediterranean to climate change.

The survey is developed by the Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragon (CITA), Spain, with logistical support from the University of Bonn, Germany, according to

As part of this three-year survey, researchers will develop an inventory of different fruit tree varieties that will identify the cold hours these trees need, their phenology or their response to the risk of frost.

'We want to provide fruit growers with sufficient data to enable them to adapt their crops to the new conditions, to make them resilient to climate change and guarantee the continuity of their production,' Javier Rodrigo, a CITA researcher and Spanish project leader, was quoted as saying by the same source.

We are living in a rather problematic situation, because due to climate change, some fruit trees that used to produce well are no longer producing in the same way, because of the great variation in temperatures.

This is particularly serious situation in the Mediterranean Rim, given the absence, at times, of the cold cycles necessary for certain fruit crops'.

Indeed, for some years now, the consequences of climate change have been felt with very hot summers and winters that are less cold than usual.

These changes are being felt more keenly in the world of fruit growing, where some trees need to go through a cold winter season to grow, flower and produce.


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