Tourism : laid-off workers to get monthly premium of 200 dinars

November 17, 2020

(TAP)- A monthly premium of 200 dinars will be given to laid-off workers in the tourism industry and tour guides till return to normality, said Minister of Tourism Habib Ammar.

This is one in a string of decisions announced by the government to protect the sector and preserve jobs, Ammar told a news briefung Monday at the seat of the Prime Ministry.

The government approved a proposal to make the employer contribution in Q4 of 2020 and the first two quarters of next year provided that jobs are kept and wages paid. This involves the wages of workers laid off partially or totally.

The programme of retraining and continous training geared towards laid off tourism employees was carried out after trade associations and the Training Agency in Tourism Trades (French: AFMT) inked a relevant agreement.

Funding is secured exceptionally by the Development Fund for Industrial Competitiveness (French: FODEC). A premium of 300 dinars at the end of the training will be borne by the State budget.

The point is also to reschedule the principal on the debt in relation to social security contributions till Q3 of 2020 and exempt businesses from late payment penalties when paying the principal on the debt.


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