Government unveils decisions on implementation of El Kamour agreement

November 10, 2020

(TAP) - The Prime Ministry, Sunday, published the decisions related to the implementation of the 2017 El Kamour agreement, taken at the Cabinet meeting chaired by PM Hichem Mechichi last Thursday.

Regarding the Environment, Planting and Gardening Company, it was agreed to

Classify this company as a state holding company. It will be placed under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources and subject to public sector wage increases.

Speed up the payment of salaries of executives and workers of this company.

Hire 1,000 workers and executives.

Instruct the local employment committees with the management of job applications.

Pay salary increases from October 2020 (second and third installments of specific premiums as well as increases for 2017, 2018 and 2019).

These increases will be disbursed retroactively from January 2021

Order the launch of the study of the business plan prepared by the company.

Regarding the Company of the South for Services, it was agreed to

Carry out a financial and administrative audit and setting duties.

Develop a business plan through which the company's share capital will be increased. This business plan will be presented to the company structures for approval within 3 months.

Extend and sign contracts with oil companies over a 5-year renewable period.

As far as the investment and development fund of Tataouine is concerned, it was decided to:

Grant 80 million dinars before the end of 2020. The State is committed to mobilising this amount and injecting additional resources in case it is depleted.

Regarding recruitment in oil companies and firms operating in the desert, it was decided to:

Conduct studies for the creation of State holding companies capable of creating jobs in various sectors, mainly oil services, raw materials and local wealth (National Company of Gypsum Exploitation and Manufacturing in Tataouine, the Catering and Residences National Company in Tataouine, National Company of Public Works and Oil and Energy Services in Tataouine, National Company for the Transport of People, Equipment and Goods in Tataouine, National Company of Agriculture and Development in Tataouine).

These companies will have priority to sign and extend contracts with oil companies and ink new contracts, for a renewable five-year period.

Set up a committee chaired by the local labor inspector whose mission is to ensure the implementation of the labour code and laws by oil companies.

Grant loans to 1,000 beneficiaries to create jobs.

Immediately recruit 215 workers before the end of 2020 and 70 others during the first quarter of 2021 by the oil companies operating in Tataouine. The new recruits will be trained by the Tunisian Company of Oil Activities (French: ETAP).

Concerning the mechanisms for the implementation of this agreement, the government has decided to:

Instruct the local council to monitor the situation of the families of the wounded of El Kamour protest and provide them with necessary social and material support.

Drop prosecutions of protesters in El Kamour from 2017 until the release of this statement.

Schedule an extraordinary local council for the first quarter of 2021.

Set up a monitoring committee whose mission is to ensure the implementation of this agreement.


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