Tourism municipalities benefit from grants to boost Saharan tourism in southwestern Tunisia

November 5, 2020

TAP) - The Tourism Ministry will offer exceptional grants to municipalities focusing on tourism in Tozeur and Kebili during the Saharan tourist season in a bid to boost domestic tourism, particularly in the southwestern region.

At a working session on ways to promote Saharan tourism in the southwest held last Tuesday, the Tourism Ministry also decided to create an administrative service at the Tunisian National Tourist Office ( French: ONTT).

Its mission is to boost Saharan tourism as well as support the initiative of the International Fair of Saharan Tourism.

The working session, chaired by Tourism Minister Habib Ammar, was attended by presidents and delegates of local and national professional federations active in the tourism field.

They stressed the need to speed up the disbursement of exceptional loans so as to deal with any contingencies in the upcoming period.

The participants spoke of the challenges facing various tourist facilities and employees due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus.

They laid emphasis on the Saharan tourism and its importance in enriching the tourism product as well as marketing the Tunisian destination.

The Sahara is one of the major fields in boosting the tourism sector in Tunisia. It covers the country's southern region. It is also seen as an alternative to beach tourism and other winter activities.

Since 2011, the Saharan tourism has been seriously affected by the successive events taking place in Tunisia. It stands as a «spare wheel» to promote beach tourism in resort cities.

Yet, since 2016, relevant authorities have worked on diversifying tourism products in a bid to boost the Saharan tourism by launching initiatives for the safeguard and rehabilitation of sites attracting visitors to Tunisia.


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