Inter-regional project to be launched for women in parapharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in Tunisia

October 14, 2020

(TAP) – The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), last September, announced the launch of a project to develop women-led Very Small Enterprises (VSEs) creating creating cosmetic and para-pharmaceutical products in Tunisia.

This initiative is part of the project launched by the Principality of Monaco and sponsored by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the Union for the Mediterranean.

UfM Secretary General Nasser Kamel told TAP that the framework organising this agreement has already been finalised and the participating countries are identified. The partners of the countries concerned among civil society actors will also be identified soon, he said.

The project aims to create new equitable jobs for women in this sector which is flourishing in the southern Mediterranean countries, he added, saying the implementation phase will start in the coming months.

Kamel, an Egyptian diplomat, said the women's programme which comprises this project, is a success for the UfM, based on a coherent inter-regional vision.

This programme was implemented by the relevant ministries by including women's affairs in the southern and eastern Mediterranean areas, in the framework of the 2017 Cairo Declaration.

The declaration seeks to empower women to access political, economic and social positions, while countering all forms of discrimination, fighting against violence and helping them in matters of conflict or reconstruction.

The goal is to put in place clear criteria enabling the organisation to measure the commitment of member countries to the implementation of this declaration.

Kamel told TAP that the follow-up stage has already begun and 'Tunisia is at the heart of this project,' through an evaluation of women's situation according to the adopted criteria, assessment of the progress made in meeting commitments and conveying the outcome of this asssment.

This commitment does not only concern Eastern and Southern Mediterranean countries, but also the member countries, including those of the Northern Mediterranean,' he indicated.

Kamel considered Tunisia to be a shining model, particularly in the Arab region, given the pivotal role entrusted to Tunisian women, who are at the heart of political and development action.

The project dedicated to women working in the parapharmaceutical and cosmetic industries is carried out over four years and involves, Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon.

These industries post a global growth of 4% per year.


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