COVID-19: Doctors to issue recovery certificates to patients to resume work

October 8, 2020

(TAP) - Doctors will issue recovery certificates to COVID-19 patients so that they can resume their work, said Wednesday Pasteur Institute Director-General Hechmi Louzir.

At a press conference held in Tunis, Louzir specified that COVID-19 confirmed infection cases will no longer be required to re-test after 10 days to resume their work.

'It appears from scientific studies that after ten days of making the first positive test, an asymptomatic person is completely recovered and is no longer infectious,' he pointed out.

'For symptomatic patients, after 10 days of the first test and 3 days after the disappearance of symptoms, mainly fever, patients are fully recovered,' he added.

Louzir indicated that for the time being, there are 19 laboratories under the Health Ministry as well as 33 laboratories of the private sector who are allowed to perform the RT-PCR tests on symptomatic persons and close contacts.

'In addition to the RT-PCR test, rapid tests will be used to detect the virus antigen, which will help detect the confirmed cases mainly in hotspots and in emergency wards in the hospitals for the suspected persons as well as for medics and paramedics,' the official indicated.

'It is true that the rapid test does not give a 100% accurate result like the RT-PCR test but it is useful and helps a lot,' he said.



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