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Energy balance deficit shrinks 23% by late June

August 13, 2020

(TAP)- The energy balance deficit narrowed 23% in H1 of 2020 to 2,486 million dinars against 3,236 million dinars during the same period in 2019.

Tunisia’s energy exports saw their value drop 50% in H1 of 2020, the latest statistics published by the National Observatory of Energy and Mines show.

The value of imports likewise plunged 31%, notably as regards oil products (- 44%).

The energy balance improved 16% by the end of June, posting a deficit of 2.17 million tonne of oil equivalent (toe) against 2.56 toe during the same period in 2019.

The energy independence rate (rate of coverage of total demand by available resources) also grew to 47% at the end of June 2020 in comparison with 44% last year.


oil and gas

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