Gafsa: regional hospital Houcine Bouzaine receives donation from Chinese embassy

November 18, 2022

(TAP) -The regional hospital in Gafsa, on Wednesday, received a financial donation and another in kind granted by the Chinese Embassy to Tunisia, as part of cooperation between the two countries in support of Tunisian hospitals to improve their quality of service.

China's ambassador to Tunisia, Zhang Jinaguo has given the administration of the regional hospital Houcine Bouziane, a financial donation and another in kind consists of preventive medical equipment intended for operating rooms.

A working session was held between the Chinese ambassador and medics in Gafsa. It focused on the activities of the Chinese mission operating in the Houcine Bouzaine hospital and including five members in the specialties of obstetrics, radiology, resuscitation, pediatrics and anesthesiology.

Participants raised the possibility of increasing the number of Chinese doctors on mission at the regional hospital of Gafsa in 2023, especially in vital specialties such as resuscitation medicine.


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