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Tunisia already using strategic stock of petroleum products to meet demand (DG of Hydrocarbons)

June 30, 2022

(TAP) - Tunisia is currently using its strategic safety stock of petroleum products to be able to meet demand and supply the country with petroleum products,' said Director General of hydrocarbons at the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy, Rachid Ben Daly.

'This quite critical situation is a weekly battle especially since the scarcity of petroleum products, the current financial situation of Tunisia and the Ukrainian crisis weigh heavily on the cash flow of the state,' he told TAP Wednesday on the sidelines of the 2nd training session for journalists held from 28 to 30 June on the theme: 'Hydrocarbons in Tunisia.

The law 91 of July 1, 1991 on petroleum products requires operators to establish and hold safety stocks of 60 days for petroleum products (gas oils and gasoline) and 30 days for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), he pointed out.

Ben Daly added that 'due to the high international demand for petroleum products, sellers of petroleum products are currently requesting to be paid in cash which requires us to pay the cargo on delivery despite the financial situation of the country.”

Ben Daly said domestic production of petroleum products is currently estimated at about 35 thousand barrels per day.

The consumption of petroleum products is about 90,000 barrels / day while the production capacity of the Tunisian Company of refining industries (STIR) is 32,000 barrels / day. Thus, the gap between production and consumption of petroleum products, which is estimated at 58,000 / day is covered through imports, stressed the DG of hydrocarbons.

Twenty four journalists are participating in the second training session of journalists on the theme: 'Hydrocarbons in Tunisia' organised by the project 'Secretariat of the Tunisian-German Energy Partnership', mandated by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy (MIME) and the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection (BMWK) and implemented by the GIZ Tunisia jointly with the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy (MIME)

This training session is also part of the training cycle entitled 'Journalist: Partner for a citizen energy transition in Tunisia', whose objective is to create a core of journalists with the required and needed knowledge to communicate well on the energy sector.


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