Underwriter Pledges Commitment to Protect Environment, People Against Unforeseen

April 27, 2022

AXA Mansard Health Insurance, a member of the AXA Group has reiterated its commitment to protecting the environment and its people against unforeseen in the society.

The company said the commitment is coming on the heels of World Health Day, which is commemorated globally to highlight the invaluable role of good health in global and national development.

Speaking on the theme of this year’s commemoration which is “our planet, our health”, Chief Executive Officer AXA Health Insurance, Tope Adeniyi said that the theme was apt in the way it had brought together two critical elements required to guarantee continuous development locally and globally.

According to Adeniyi, AXA Mansard Health equally considers these two elements important; explaining that it was one of the reasons sustainability was at the heart of the company’s business operations.

“For us, we understand that the environment plays a significant role in life, living and wellbeing of everyone. That is why we do more than support environmental-friendly initiatives, we also practice it as an organisation”.

“At another level, we also understand that despite taking care of the environment, we also need to support the enthronement of good health. So, we continue to create solutions that ensure that good health is available, accessible, and affordable for everyone. We have ensured that we have solutions for them”.

Adeniyi also noted that environmental considerations also played a major role in the selection of partners for the organisation.

“Today, we have over 2000 service providers nationwide. Sustainability is not just a critical criterion in our selection process; it is a subject of a constantly evolving conversation with them. From energy management to waste disposal, and water consumption to the reduction in emissions; we are not just tracking ourselves; we are encouraging all our stakeholders to act and advocate for the environment. We want to ensure that we take care of the health needs of the present generation, without compromising the well being of the future generation”, he explained.



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